Dr. Ira Berlin Speaks at St. John’s College

Dr. Ira Berlin, Leading Authority on African American History, to be Keynote Speaker at September 28th Interactive Seminar

Dr. Ira Berlin, one of the nation’s top authorities on slavery in America, will be speaking at the September 28th Interactive Seminar at St. John’s College in Annapolis as part of the week-long series of events related to the Slavery Reconciliation Walk program hosted by the Kunta Kinte-Alex Haley Foundation.

Berlin will speak about slavery and its effect on society at the special Interactive Seminar to be held at St. John’s Key Auditorium from 7 – 9 P.M. The seminar will be free and open to the public. It is designed to allow the community to learn about slavery’s legacy and to have the opportunity to question the people involved in the Slavery Reconciliation Walk to take place the next day in Annapolis.

Dr. Berlin will first talk about slavery and its legacy, with a special focus on Maryland.

Following him will be a panel discussion including Dr. Berlin, David Pott, Director of the London, England based Lifeline Expedition project, and Leonard Blackshear, President of the Annapolis based Kunta Kinte-Alex Haley Foundation. The panel will include all the key representatives from the groups hosting the Slavery Reconciliation Walk. The audience will be offered an overview of the plans for the Walk.

Also in attendance will be the international group of Walkers from various European and African countries who will be on hand to discuss their experiences and explain why they go thousands of miles from home to help promote reconciliation and healing.

“I am delighted to get St. John’s support in providing the community with a real opportunity to get first-hand information about an event that, according to Kinte-Haley Foundation email and collected newspaper articles, is drawing people’s attention from across America. As the first stop of the Lifeline Expedition’s USA pilgrimage, Annapolis is playing a special role in showing America how we can learn and act on long unresolved issues related to racism in America. The Interactive Seminar is a very special opportunity to learn, and the Walk is a special opportunity to act,” said Leonard Blackshear.

At the seminar, those in attendance will have the opportunity to sign up to receive specially designed armbands during the Walk. The free armbands will be labeled “Penitent” or “Forgiver” depending on whether participants wish to walk behind the European Penitents or African Forgivers during the Reconciliation Walk. In this way, Americans can actively participate in the Walk with international guests from Europe and Africa.

Dr. Berlin’s books will be available for sale both before and after the Interactive Seminar. He will be available for a short time after the Seminar to sign books.