Foundation Announces Genealogy Support

The Kunta Kinte-Alex Haley Foundation, Inc. is excited about the opportunity to introduce Carol A. Carman as our interim genealogist.

Carol’s background is well-suited for this role. She worked as a librarian in various organizations. Besides, she has years of affiliations in genealogy work. Among other areas, she worked as a research librarian, a legislative librarian, and a library consultant. Also, she has had long-standing volunteer efforts and leadership roles with the County’s genealogical society, the Mid-Atlantic Germanic Society, and the Kuethe Library Historical & Genealogical Research Center. These experiences and relationships will aid her in the Foundation’s work in helping others research their family genealogy.

One-day-a-week the Foundation continues to provide free genealogy support to the public. As the interim genealogist, Carol will help to make this support a reality.

To take advantage of and schedule free research support please contact the Foundation at to schedule your appointment. Currently, support is provided strictly through online efforts, until on-site assistance is again available.

Also, plan to visit the Foundation’s Genealogy Resource Center, when it is again safe to open to the public.  Also, you may access the Foundation’s online library catalog by visiting the online Genealogy Resource Center at