Our Roots Are Our Beginning and Our Future

The book Roots brilliantly tells the story of Alex Haley’s ancestor, Kunta Kinte. However, the story has great relevance to the challenges, tensions, and turbulent times faced by our communities today.

The issues surrounding Covid-19, our economic recovery, and the Black Lives Matter movement all call for change. Likewise, in Roots, Kunta Kinte provides a human lesson on the impact of change. He demonstrates the importance of heritage, perseverance, family and other values found on the “Story Wall” of the Alex Haley Memorial at the Annapolis City Dock.  The nine values reflected on the “Story Wall” also ring true today. The time-honored importance of these values indicates why the Kunta Kinte-Alex Haley Foundation continues to proudly promote the Alex Haley Memorial.

View these nine values included on the “Story Wall” and share with us your comments about their time-honored importance